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LRP Batteria LiPo Competition Car Line Hardcase 6900 - 50C/100C - 7.4V

giovedì, gennaio 24th, 2013

The new VTEC Competition Car Line batteries are ready: higher C-rate for more power (#79841) and higher capacity for longer run times (#79840). This is achieved through the use of even better, thinner and more efficient cells. Latest materials and an optimised electrolyte make the high-end batteries ready for the competition of the champions.

- 50C/100C Lipo power: No memory effect, extremely long lifetime
- Integrated Sub-C bulges: Sub-C bulges at bottom side make battery fit all cell cutout chassis and standard-stickpack size battery holders
- High Density Stacking technology: Extremely high voltage due to new electrolyte composition and special High Density Stacking (HDS) - technology
- Gold coated connectors connectable from both sides: For lowest contact resistance
- See-through Hardcase: Durable hardcase made of high-quality synthetic material for maximum safety
- LRP Quality approved: Tested LRP quality, e.g. endurance-tested over 400 continuous charge and discharge cycles

Automodello LRP S18 Monster Truck 4WD 1:18 RTR

mercoledì, gennaio 23rd, 2013

Modello pronto all’uso, completo di radiocomando a volantino, batteria e caricabatteria.

LRPs monster among the minis is available! The LRP S18 Monster Truck RTR is a 1:18 scale 4WD mini monster truck with all the genes of its real pendants.

The ultra large monster truck tires with optimised pattern on stylish chrome rims perfectly cope with any surface. The large ride height conquers stones and barriers without any problem. In addition the LRP S18 Monster Truck is completely RTR. Perfectly fitting LRP radio transmitter and electronics equip for a mini monster truck which is ready to run out of the box! Never before a 1:18 mini was as monster as the LRP S18 Monster Truck RTR!

RTR kit including: LRP A.I. Micro Reverse speedo (waterproof), LRP Phaser Sport receiver 27MHz AM, micro battery stickpack, 220V charger, LRP A2-STX Sport transmitter incl. charge socket, full size steering servo, 380er high torque micro motor.

Alimentatore LRP Powersupply Competition 13.8V / 20A

mercoledì, gennaio 23rd, 2013

Disponibile l’alimentatore Powersupply Competition 13.8V / 20A LRP.

LRP’s brand new power supply has now two output connectors for 12V devices. The output current is considerably higher: impressing 20 Amperes at an output voltage of 13.8V make the new LRP Powersupply the perfect support for a tough day in the pit area.

Another top feature is the separate USB charging output. It is e.g. suited to charge MP3 players or mobile phones. The new LRP Powersupply Competition is the perfect device for all R/C applications. It is designed for an input voltage from 110V to 230V and can therefore be used worldwide. The compact dimensioned case is made of blue anodised aluminium.

- 20A / 13.8V output power - High power output to simultaneously use multiple chargers
- Dual output sockets - 2 individual output sockets for 4mm standard connectors
- USB charge output - 5V/1A USB charge output for electronic devices like mobile phones
- Compact and lightweight design - Only 154×102x53mm size
- One world - One power supply for 110V and 230V! - Adjustable input voltage selection
- Blue anodized aluminium housing
- Multi-protection-system
- Universal input cords - Two input power cords included: European and US/Japan connector

Caratteristiche tecniche del prodotto:

  • Output voltage: 13.8 V
  • Output current: 20 A
  • Weight: 795 g

martedì, gennaio 15th, 2013

E’ disponibile pronta consegna la nuova TeamC T2 Evo Buggy Team Edition 2WD 1:10 Kit!

- Cab Forward Clean Lexan Body
- 6 mm Longer Chassis
- Aluminium Arm Mount
- Aluminium Rear Hub
- Gear Diff
- CNC Motor Plate
- 12 mm Big Bore
- CNC 30 Degree C Hub
- Adjustable Turnbuckle
- Rear Motor Design
- Gear Ratio 2.6:1
- Full Ball Bearing
- CVD Shaft
- Come With Yellow Racing Rim
- Tire not including