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Elicottero Eflite Red Bull BO-105 CB CX RTF

mercoledì, marzo 20th, 2013

Disponibile pronta consegna il nuovo elicottero Eflite Red Bull BO-105 CB CX pronto al volo!

The Blade Red Bull CB CX will fly circles around other 3-channel RC helicopters like it. State-of-the-art 2.4 GHz control with advanced Blade engineering and electronics make it all possible. And it’s easy to fly you’ll be hovering like a pro on your very first flight, even if you’ve never flown before.

Key Features
- Advanced 2.4 GHz control lets you and your friends fly multiple Red Bull helis at the same time without interference.
- Replacement parts available to keep your helicopter flying like new.
- Computerized Piezo gyro for superb directional control and stability.
- Proportional rotor head servo for smooth, precise control response.
- Officially-licensed by Red Bull GmbH Austria.
- Includes everything you need to fly, all in one box.

Full Scale Info:
The Red Bull BO-105 CB is a highly-modified, 840-horsepower thrill machine capable of performing death-defying aerial stunts like back flips, rolls, loops and the mind-blowing “Chuckcilvak” tumbling maneuver. In fact, it’s the only civilian helicopter of its kind approved to perform these stunts, so if you hear it’s coming to an air show near you, don’t miss it!

Hermes Modellismo al Model Expo Italy

martedì, marzo 19th, 2013

Pubblichiamo la foto del bellissimo stand di Hermes Modellismo al Model Expo Italy 2013.


Per maggiori informazioni sui prodotti trattati da Hermes Modellismo, potete visitare il loro sito.

Campionato Italiano Amsci 2013 indoor

giovedì, marzo 14th, 2013

Michele Romagnoli è il nuovo campione italiano indoor Amsci 2013 .
Michele ha corso con Yokomo BD7, motore Lrp X20, regolatore Lrp Flow e batterie Lrp.


Classifiche disponibili sul sito MY RCM RC-Timing


Automodello LRP Shark-18 Nitro Race Monster Truck 4WD 1:18 RTR

giovedì, marzo 14th, 2013

Modello pronto all’uso, completo di radiocomando a volantino, batteria e caricabatteria.
Perfect 1:18 scale with nitro power: The LRP Shark-18 Nitro Race Monster Truck RTR!

LRP is again one step ahead of the competition. The new Shark-18 Nitro Race Monster Truck RTR is a smash hit! This model combines the hittest features in the R/C car world: compact size, top offroad performance and NITRO Power = 1:18 fun to perfection!

Based on the highly successful LRP Shark-18 platform, the Nitro Race Monster Truck is the logical evolution of the LRP car competence. Many high-tech features were taken over the Race Monster Truck, such as 4WD shaft all-wheel drive, pivot ball suspension on the front axle, 4-spider differentials, completely pre-mounted with low friction ball bearings and much more.

The core is the new Nitro power pack from LRP: the LRP Z1.2S Pullstart engine! After long development work and intensive tests, the LRP Z1.2S motor is the ultimate power pack for the Shark-18 Nitro Race Monster Truck. The top speed and power of this small block engine sets new dimensions of pure driving pleasure for this LRP 1:18 model.
Due to the enormous power of the LRP Z1.2S Pullstart engine and the perfect suspension, the agility and driving pleasure of the LRP Shark-18 Nitro Race Monster Truck can be compared with a 1:10 stadium truck.