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Quadricottero Blade Nano QX FPV con occhiali Safe Tecnology RTF

mercoledì, dicembre 3rd, 2014

QX quadcopter is a totally immersive RC experience you can take everywhere. Incredibly light and surprisingly durable, the FPV Nano QX can be flown in spaces no bigger than an office cubicle. Its potent motors are smooth and Spektrum 2.4GHz DSMX radio Technology delivers outstanding 4-channel maneuverability. But it’s the exclusive Safe Technology built-in that offers a quadcopter experience like no other. That’s because the specially tuned Safe system makes sophisticated flight envelope protection possible so flying is incredibly easy and more fun-even if it’s your first time. Plus, the Spektrum ultra micro FPV camera is already installed which means you can get started in the short time it takes to charge the batteries.

Quadricottero Blade 180 QX HD con videocamera RTF

martedì, novembre 25th, 2014

The Blade 180 QX combines the latest in quadcopter innovations with HD video and image capture capabilities. Utilizing SAFE technology, the 180 QX HD maintains superior stability in three flight modes. With the included E-flite EFC-721 camera, pilots can experience aerial video and image capture by simply activating the triggers on the included RTF model transmitter. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor flight, the 180 QX is a personal eye in the sky from the experts in Heli excitement.

Image capture on the fly
With the included EFC-721 flight camera, 180 QX HD pilots can capture video and still images while flying. This intuitive camera can be activated at any time during flight and be switched seamlessly between video and still image capture. This functionality is pre-programmed on the included 5-channel transmitter.

Equipped to thrill
The 180 QX HD comes equipped with three SAFE enhanced flight modes. High and low angle flight modes were specifically designed to deliver stable video and image capture while the agility mode setting allows pilots to experience aerobatic flight with the assistance of the AS3X stability system.

- Exclusive SAFE technology
- E-flite EFC-721 camera with transmitter functionality
- Small enough to fly indoors and powerful enough to fly outdoors
- Flight battery and charger included
- Durable lightweight airframe
- Potent 8.5mm brushed motors with protective drive gear guards
- Agile enough to perform loops, rolls, tumbles and more
- Sleek, low profile body
- Includes one full set of replacement blades

Simulatore di volo Phoenix R/C Pro V5 DVD

giovedì, marzo 20th, 2014

E’ disponibile pronta consegna il nuovo simulatore di volo Phoenix R/C Pro V5 DVD.

La confezione contiene:
- DVD di installazione
- Interfaccia USB

Nuova versione del simulatore di volo per aeromodelli, elicotteri e multicotteri Phoenix R/C 5. Oltre al maggior numero di modelli che potrete utilizzare nel simulatore e’ stato implementato anche il sistema Safe che troviamo nelle controparti reali dei modelli simulati.
Grazie a questa funzione di volo assistito che protrete sperimentare anche un principiante riuscira’ a volare. Chiaramente la modalita’ assistita puo’ essere disabilitata quando volete per prendere il totale controllo del modello.
Rivoluzionario InfinityScape 3D generatore di paesaggi che consente di volare ovunque su qualsiasi terreno e condizione atmosferica con estremo realismo.
Oltre 200 modelli accuratamente dettagliati tra cui elicotteri, aerei, idrovolanti, autogiri e molto altro.
Suoni realistici registrati dai motori dai velivoli veri e volo heli flybarless incredibilmente realistico.

- Model editing per migliorare le qualita’ di volo di ogni modello a vostro piacimento.
- Modelli e scenari scaricabili gratuitamente online.
- Unico nella simulazione tra cui le innovazioni che caratterizzano i nuovi modelli come la tecnologia AS3X e Safe.

Elicottero Eflite Red Bull BO-105 CB CX RTF

mercoledì, marzo 20th, 2013

Disponibile pronta consegna il nuovo elicottero Eflite Red Bull BO-105 CB CX pronto al volo!

The Blade Red Bull CB CX will fly circles around other 3-channel RC helicopters like it. State-of-the-art 2.4 GHz control with advanced Blade engineering and electronics make it all possible. And it’s easy to fly you’ll be hovering like a pro on your very first flight, even if you’ve never flown before.

Key Features
- Advanced 2.4 GHz control lets you and your friends fly multiple Red Bull helis at the same time without interference.
- Replacement parts available to keep your helicopter flying like new.
- Computerized Piezo gyro for superb directional control and stability.
- Proportional rotor head servo for smooth, precise control response.
- Officially-licensed by Red Bull GmbH Austria.
- Includes everything you need to fly, all in one box.

Full Scale Info:
The Red Bull BO-105 CB is a highly-modified, 840-horsepower thrill machine capable of performing death-defying aerial stunts like back flips, rolls, loops and the mind-blowing “Chuckcilvak” tumbling maneuver. In fact, it’s the only civilian helicopter of its kind approved to perform these stunts, so if you hear it’s coming to an air show near you, don’t miss it!