Nuova carrozzeria 190mm Striker-SR 2.0 Bittydesign

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La Striker-SR 2.0 è stata sviluppata nel corso di più mesi con diversi test sul famoso tracciato “RC Landia”, con il risultato di una carrozzeria
molto veloce, sia in termini di best lap che come passo gara. La carrozzeria offre una risposta superiore dello sterzo offrendo al tempo stesso un notevole carico aerodinamico al posteriore grazie ad un alettone che sfrutta al massimo le misure EFRA consentite di 40×25mm.

I numerosi test in pista hanno evidenziato una resa ottimale della nuova Striker-SR 2.0 in termini di prestazione nella categoria Stock 13.5
Un ottima alterantiva per tutti i piloti italiani che attenderanno la stagione ETS 2013.

La carrozzeria è venduta completa di maschere vetri, decals, pellicola protettiva e viti di fissaggio per l’alettone.

Lrp Saldatore HighPower Soldering Station

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LRP releases the first ever tailor-made Soldering Station for RC applications.

You can_t see it from outside but in spite of the super compact lightweight design (155×78x120mm, 1kg) it is fully packed with amazing features. With 90W it features an extreme power and together with the 400kHz electromagnetic heating element it reaches the working temperature unbelievably fast. You get perfect soldering joints on batteries, motors or speed controls with very few waiting time.

Extreme Power: 90W power rating, 400kHz electromagnetic heating element, perfect soldering joints on batteries, motors, speed controls, etc…

Easy Tip - System: The tips of the 90W handle with its comfortable rubber grip can easily be replaced in seconds without any tools.

Multifunction handle holder: Magnetic Auto Sleep / Auto Wakeup function, when handle gets placed in handle for increased tip life. Working temperature is back after a very few seconds. Integrated clean and safe storage for replacement tips.

Microprocessor controlled for easiest setup and super fast temperature adjustment.

Robust and super compact lightweight design: 155×78x120mm / 1kg.

- Worldwide operation 100-240VAC Input
- Fully digital for perfect adjustments
- EasyTip-system
- Blue backlit Display
- Light-weight and compact for easy transport
- Multifunction handle holder

Caratteristiche tecniche del prodotto:

  • Output voltage: 48 V AC
  • Output Power: 90 W
  • Operation temp.: 80-480 C
  • Sleeping temp.: 50-250 C
  • Auto sleep timer: 0-250 min

Nuovo Picco P-Six .21 Buggy Turbo 3.49 cc (PIC9630)

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Disponibile la nuova versione del motore Picco P-Six .21 Buggy Turbo 3.49 cc (PIC9630).




Lrp caricabatterie Pulsar Touch Competition System

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Disponibile pronta consegna il nuovo caricabatterie Lrp Pulsar Touch.

With multiple prestigious R/C press awards and numerous WC titles, the PULSAR line is the first choice by the best drivers of the world! The Pulsar Touch Competition is the new generation to continue this of success story. This completely new developed charger shines with its revolutionary features, such as a special touch screen with graphic user interface and high-quality components.

This puts the 4th generation PULSAR charger in a class of its own!

Another special highlight is the integrated high performance LiPo/LiFePo balancer, that detects differences in the cells and automatically starts balancing, resulting in longer lifetime and even better performance of the battery.

Charge LiPo - LiFePo - NiMh - NiCd
- Adjustable fast charge from 0.1 to 12.0A
- 1-4 cells LiPo/LiFePo with automatic (LiPo/LiFePo) cut-off
- 1-8 cells (NiMH/NiCd) with adjustable Delta-Peak detection, linear or optional 5-step charge mode.
(charging with variable current steps)
- Autostart-Timer for maximum comfort
- Storage Mode: The battery is charged/discharged automatically for longest cell lifetime

Cycle LiPo - LiFePo - NiMh - NiCd
- Automatic Cycling Mode (Discharge - Charge - Discharge) for perfect conditioning of your batteries.

Discharge LiPo - LiFePo - NiMh - NiCd
- Adjustable high-power discharge current (up to 20.0A) and cut-off voltage to perfectly match your batteries.

The following items are already included:
USB wire, output wire with alligator clamps, output wire with 4mm plug and balancing connector, Y-Hallsensor splitter including 3 sensor wires.